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Larry Cappel

Giving you Tools for a Successful and Happy Life

Do you find yourself feeling anxious, overwhelmed, scared or depressed by unexpected change in your life?

If so, working with an experienced counselor and therapist could the positive change you’re looking for…

Has something happened that surprised you and caught you off-guard? Something like:

  •  A job loss or difficulty at work?
  •  An important relationship that has suddenly gone wrong or ended?
  •  A current event that has re-awakened an old hurt?Lots of demands placed on you leading to feelings overwhelm and hopelessness?
  • An ongoing struggle to keep up with your life goals or your commitments to loved ones

These kind of experiences can really cause you to struggle and you may wonder where to turn for help and re-assurance. In these times, can help you turn these stressful times into positive opportunities.

Please click here to go to my website Your Denver Counseling where you can learn more and contact me by email or by phone at 303-500-0926.

Larry Cappel's Background

Larry Cappel's Experience

Paychotherapy and Life Coaching at Larry Cappel, Psychotherapist, Life Coach

January 1999 - Present | Denver, Co 80202

Helping You Reclaim Your True Nature!

Psychiatric Assessor at Exempla Hospitals

January 2007 - May 2011 | Denver Colorado

Emergency room and medical floor psychiatric assessor

Larry Cappel's Education

California Institute of Integral Studies

1997 – 1999

Bachelor of Arts, Counseling Psychology

Colorado State University

1986 – 1989

Bachelor of Science

Concentration: Business, Computer Info Systems

Larry Cappel's Interests & Activities

I am a licensed psychotherapist, clinical counselor and a certified teacher of mindfulness and meditation. Since 1999 I've worked extensively with people from all walks of life in both individual and couples counseling. My own personal life story is one of growing up in a difficult family situation and finding myself a young adult with a traumatic history that caused me to make poor decisions about relationships and what I did with my time. I was lucky enough to find a psychotherapist who gave me the tools and the knowledge I needed to grow past my history and learn to take full control of my life, be successful and to thrive. I have a passion for helping others overcome the shortcomings of their past and become the incredible and unique human being each one of us is born to be. My original training is in family systems therapy so I have a lot of experience working with relationship conflict, co-dependency, dealing with the aftermath of affairs and working with different value systems coming together into one happy relationship. I'm also trained and certified in psychodynamic mindfulness therapies which are excellent tools for helping you work with your own thoughts and to help you understand yourself and then make positive change. I have offices in downtown Denver and Louisville Colorado. I am the lead administrator for the Denver Therapists Network and a founding member of the Denver Relationship Therapists. I am also a trained supervisor of new therapists providing training and mentoring to new therapists entering the field. Sometimes other things such as ADHD/ADD, depression or some type of loss create the stress in life. The good news is that you can learn skills to have a more stress-free life. Its possible to enjoy work, home, family and relationship without undue stress. Take a look around my website and see what you think. If you have any questions contact me through my "Contact Larry" page or we can schedule a 10 minute free phone consultation. If you want to set up an appointment you can schedule one yourself on my website. In addition to working with adults from all walks of life I also have a passion for working with gay men, same sex couples and the entire LGBT community and love to see all of you living a thriving, happy and successful life. I did my original training in San Francisco where I worked extensively with the LGBT(IQ) community.

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